Adele Says She Didn’t Reject Beyonce’s Proposal to Make Duet

Adele Laurie

There have been speculations that Adele refused to collaborate with Beyonce Knowles in order to produce a song together as a duet. Adele came out and commented on the rumors. She absolutely denied the claims that she rejected the proposal from Beyonce, implying that she couldn’t do such a thing and that the claims were not true.

Adele, the 27-year-old British star, was speaking to Zane Lowe of Internet radio station Beats 1 when she said that the rumors that she refused when Beyonce’s officials asked her to collaborate with Beyonce to make a duet were false. She said that she can’t reject a proposal from Beyonce to do a duet. “There’s a rumor going around that I turned Beyoncé down, which I would never be so disrespectful as to do,” Adele said. “I’d never disrespect her like that.” She added.

Some of Adele’s fans would be happy to see their favorite star collaborate with Beyonce in a song, while others would not like it at all. On twitter, the fans expressed their feelings, and one twitted “if Beyonce’ & Adele collab > my life will be complete, the perfect song !” while another one twitted “The day we get an Adele & Beyoncé collab (+live performance) is the day I DIE. Just imagine the live vocals.” Even though fans may have an influence, Adele’s decision to make a duet with Beyonce remains with herself, and from her own words, she loves Beyonce, which means it’s possible they will make a duet one day.

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