Beyonce Parts With £200K for Diamond Stilettos from Borgezie

Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles is planning to release a new video. Details on the release date aren’t known, but many people are aware of her plans for the video. One thing to expect in the video is her sexy image in expensive luxurious stilettos. The R&B queen parted with £200,000 to buy shoes coated with diamond, which are said to be one of the things she’ll be wearing in the new video.

The diamond-encrusted stilettos Beyonce purchased are of Princess Constellation version, falling under Borgezie’s Contessa Stiletto. With all diamond round the shoes, it’s obvious that Contessa Stiletto is one of the Borgezie’s top most luxurious artistry. The price therefore wasn’t for anybody whose net worth isn’t millions of dollars. In fact, most of those worth five million dollars and bellow will not think of purchasing the stilettos when their eyes land on the price tag of £200,000 for a pair. Beyonce, one of the celebrities known to buying expensive luxuries, and being worth of $250 million currently according to Forbes, had her way to buy what she fancied as the perfect shoes for the next video.

It wasn’t the only awesome thing Beyonce purchased. She also bought a gem-studded, gold Basque belt at £55,000 in the same shop. This added up to £255,000. An employee earning $50,000 this year will work for four years with an increment of 12% per year and STILL NOT earn amount equaling to the total Beyonce paid for the shoes and the belt.

Sparkling with 1,290 precious stones, it’s obvious that Beyonce is going to come out classy and sexy in her upcoming video. Her fans wait eagerly to see their favorite beautiful and sexy queen making moves in a dazzling pair of unique luxurious stilettos. She’s not just coming out an artiste queen but as an expensive R&B queen who adores elegance.

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