Chelsea Clinton Says Ivanka Trump is Her Friend

Ivanka Trump(left) smiles with Chelsea Clinton after a hug.

Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton happen to share one thing as there parents are concerned. They both have a parent running for the oval office. Ivanka’s father Donald Trump and Chelsea’s mother Hillary Clinton are in the presidential race through Republican and Democratic Party respectively. They seem to be taking it tough on each other, but it has been confirmed that despite the candidates’ rivalry, Ivanka and Chelsea are friends.

Ever sine Mr. Trump and Hillary announced their presidential bid this year, there have been some attacks from either side despite the race being at primary level where republican compete on their own and likewise the democrats. The fire somehow has made people wonder if the two celebrities, Ivanka and Chelsea, can have a friendly chat. Chelsea cleared the question in people’s mind by saying that she’s a friend to Ivanka.

The once first child of USA, who’ll become first child for the second time if Hillary becomes the president, expressed her positive feelings towards Ivanka and the friendship they have. “I’m really grateful Ivanka’s my friend. She’s a great woman. Friendship is always more important than politics,” she said, as she spoke to PEOPLE. “I learned that growing up, watching my parents be friends with people across the political spectrum in Arkansas.” Chelsea added.

Probably Trump will be nominated as the republican candidate, and Hillary as the Democratic candidate. That may just get tougher since the two candidates aren’t in good relationship already. But their daughters are determined to keep their friendship despite the political rivalry their parents are in.

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