‘I Almost Quit Music’ Leona Lewis Admits

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Leona Lewis

She won The X-Factor third series, and ever since, Leona Lewis has been a powerful music star in the world of entertainment, both under Simon Cowell’s record label Sycho Music and even after. What many might have not known is the decision she almost took concerning her music career. Lewis admitted that she almost quit her music career.

Lewis once struggled to make it in music before getting on The X-Factor singing competition in 2006. After winning a £1 million recording contract, she went on releasing cover of Kelly Clarkson‘s song “A Moment Like This” in December 2006. The song was digitally downloaded 50,000 times in less than 30 minutes hence breaking the world record in the UK. From there she went on shining but according to her revelation, after releasing Glass Heart album in 2012, she thought of leaving music. This meant that she would stop singing and producing albums. She still wrote music but just for fun. Her passion to continue with music re-emerged after meeting Stevie Nicks. The two had a talk which motivated Lewis and after that she got energy to continue with her music career.

“She grabbed hold of me, hugged me and started singing my song to me,” Lewis said. “She sang Bleeding Love and then she was like, ‘You have to keep going, we need you, we need your music.’ Lewis explained how Nicks increased her music career fire that was going down. From there she was inspired to go on with her music career. “She won’t know what a huge impression she made on me and how much she inspired me and inspired this record but she did give me that spur of encouragement.” Lewis said.

If Lewis gave up, the world would not have enjoyed her live performance again starting from 2012, and her ‘Christmas, With Love’ and ‘I Am’ albums. After getting encouragement, Lewis has leant that people need to have someone in their lives that can encourage them not to give up. “She is awesome. Everyone needs a Stevie in their life,” she said with laughter.

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  1. i think it is great that you have such a refreshing way in rienhacg and touching people like me thru your site and yes leona is jewelshame bleeding hearts did not show her full vocal range but in time a song will be made to show just how fantastic she is. good luckxxx

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