Melanie Amaro’s Struggle After Winning X Factor USA


It had been in the UK before being brought to USA. X Factor had created some notable up coming artistes in the UK when the creator, Simon Cowell, decided to start its US version in the USA. Melanie Amaro was one of the contestants who impressed the judges from audition where Cowell said “… I was asked by a lot of people why I was bringing this show to America. It was because I hoped that we would gonna find someone like you” until to the end. Reaching to the finals of the first season of X Factor USA on December 15, 2011, Amaro won and was awarded $5 million recording contract with Syco Music and Epic Records, and a Pepsi commercial.


The recording contract awarded to her was by then the biggest recording deal ever won on a television music competition. Everyone, including her fans, expected a prosperous music career following the worth of the recording contract, which unfortunately, didn’t turn up to be.

By March 29, 2012, Amaro’s cover of “Respect” had the 3rd spot on the Billboard Dance/Club Chart. Then on 1st of August, same year, she released her debut single “Don’t Fail Me Now”. According to the music program, her first album was scheduled to be released on December 4, 2012. Just before that, she decided to let the music for her debut single “Don’t Fail Me Now” go online, hence she released it. She released the song on VEVO, through her VEVO account. Unfortunately it wasn’t successful on chart, and that’s where the wind began turning against her in her recording contract. The releasing of her first album was postponed to 2013.


Amaro was invited to perform on the second season of X Factor USA on December 6, 2012, and she performed her then new single “Long Distance” which had just been released and was 3 days old. After that there was speculation that Epic Records had cancelled the recording contract when people realized that she wasn’t on the list of the label’s website. However, a representative from the label assured the public that Amaro’s contract with Epic was still on program. The representative explained that not all people who have a recording contract with the label are always featured on the website.

Her first Album titled “Truly” which contains the song “Don’t Fail Me Now” was to be released on March 2013, but it wasn’t released. It was a shock to her and her fans when X Factor season 2 winner Tate Stevens debut album was released just the following month, that’s in April 2013, when her album had not been released in Match, which was the second attempt. After that Amaro became busy with tours and live performances. On June 19, 2014 she premiered the lead single “Fuel My Fire”. She released it on Soundcloud. She then explained that the song was about her frustration due to her label not releasing her music. This song was then released independently as digital download. By September 2014, it was obvious that Amaro’s album would not be released at all.

Big deal means big opportunity. Big opportunity means wider way to success. Amaro got a golden opportunity but not even one album came out. The release of the album being postponed from December 4, 2012 to 2013 could have been her debut single not being successful on chart. What isn’t known, and one cannot even guess, is what went wrong that caused the album not to be released on March 2013. Epic label has never spoken about it, and this has remained unanswered question in the minds of Amaro’s fans.

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