The Rise of Beyonce

Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Giselle Knowles, a well known American singer, songwriter, and actress who mostly sings R & B songs has rocked different part of the world. This article features her rise to fame in her music career. Like many musicians, Beyonce, the 33-year-old star who was born to Celestine Ann and Mathew Knowles in Houston, Texas, began singing at her tender age, and has ended up becoming a successful musician.

The Struggle for Recording Deal

At age eight, she went for an all-girl entertainment group audition, accompanied by her friend Kelly Rowland where they met LaTavia Roberson. The three were assigned to a group called Girl’s Tyme with other three girls. Their way of performance brought them luck. Arne Frager, an R&B music producer was impressed by the group’s performance and decided to take them to his studio in North California. He then placed them in the then most famous National TV talent show called Star Search. Unfortunately the group failed to win.
Beyonce’s father, Mr. Knowles, resigned from Xerox Corporation as a sales manager, to support the group. He therefore became the manager. Despite the reduction of the family’s income that forced it to live in two separate apartments after his resignation, Mr. Knowles kept managing the group. He then reduced the group from six to four. The group now had Beyonce, Kelly, LaTavia, and LeToya Luckett.

Destiny’s Child (Beyonce at the center)

Landing Recording Deal

The group auditioned for a recording contract. It succeeded and was assigned to Elektra Records but later the company scrubbed off the deal. This further put pressure on the Knowles family, which even resulted into Beyonce’s parents separating. The group ended up being signed by Grass Roots Entertainment on On October 5, 1995. In 1996, the group began recording their debut album. At this point, Beyonce’s family reunited. The group later got a contract with Columbia Records. The girls decided to change their group name to Destiny’s Child basing on the passage in the Book of Isaiah. In 1997, Destiny’s Child released their debut song “Killing Time” on the Men in Black movie’s sound track.
The start of Beyonce’s shining
Destiny’s Child released the debut album self-titled “Destiny’s Child” in 1998. Through this album, they made some mark. The song “No, No, No” in the album being their first ever hit, and the album stayed U.S. Billboard 200 chart for six weeks, and won some awards. Beyonce and Kelly were the lead vocals as the rest were backing vocals. At this point Beyonce began emerging as the best soloist of all the girls in the group. She led the group in most songs hence becoming so famous, with her flexibility to dance so fast. Even after the group disbanded, Beyonce remains famous and successful, having released sixteen albums in her solo career.

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