An Eye on Floyd Mayweather’s Expenditure on Luxury

Floyd Mayweather relaxing on bed with his cash

Today Floyd Mayweather jr. is the top most paid athlete in the world following the checks he receives for every fight. In his fight against Manny Pacquiao this year he won, hence the Michigan-born boxer earning $179,808,511 after the 12 rounds of the fight. All the rounds took an effort but earning that much

in such a short time is like a fortune. Now, how does he spend the money he earned in the last fight plus the one that he has ever earned in his career?
It’s well known that money is made to be spent, specifically on basic and luxury. When it comes to luxury spending, the level of expenditure differs from one person to another. Mayweather’s level of spending on luxury is just very high. Some of the well known expensive things he has spent on are outlined in this feature.

Spending cash in clubs

Mayweather is said to be so friendly, that’s when it comes to clubbing, which is ok. He gives away money when he goes to clubs, just throwing at them aimlessly. In July this year he threw notes, amounting to $35,000, to people in a Houston strip club. In October he also went to a strip club in Miami and sprayed $50,000 to people. There are other instances where he has done the same.

A Gulfstream G450 Private Jet

The lowest amount one can pay for a brand new Gulfstream G450 is $40 million dollars. Mayweather owns one which has a capacity of 14 people. Keeping in mind that maintenance is needed, and remember, the more expensive an asset is, the more money is needed for maintenance. Since it’s a private jet, it doesn’t bring any income instead expenses.

Expensive Cars
Floyd Mayweather standing in front of some of his expensive cars

This is another area Mayweather has spent a lot of money on. A middle class person can own only one car, or two. A rich person can own and maintain many cars of the same type owned by the middle class who bought one or two. In most cases, a millionaire can own one, or a few very expensive cars. For the case of Mayweather, it’s not few expensive cars but many expensive cars. Last year Mayweather bought himself a Rolls-Royce which costs approximately $284,900 as Christmas gift. He also owns a Ferrari Enzo which in most cases will cost anywhere from $1.4 million to $2.4 million. In the photo below, there are some of the other cars he owns. A Porsche 911 Turbo S costing $ $205,000, a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano costing $350,000, a Lamborghini Aventador costing $390,000, two Ferrari 458 Spiders each costing $360,000, one Bugatti Grand Sport costing $ 3 million, and two Bugatti Veyrons each costing $1.6 million. This totals to $7,865,000. There are more cars he owns other than the ones in the photo above, which costs a lot of money.

A Collection of Louboutin Shoes worth more than $80,000.

Mayweather loves shoes so much, and he doesn’t purchase any cheap shoes. At one point he posted a photo depicting his collection made of Louboutin sneakers on his Instagram account. The photo was accompanied by a statement saying he “could only fit 80 into the picture” meaning there were more to be shown. The pairs that could be seen, the cheapest could be $895. Assuming that that is the cheapest overall, it means each of the pair costs either $895 or more. The phrase “only fit 80” means the other that could not fit were more than the ones that could fit. The least we could estimate the other pairs of shoes is say 50% of the ones that could fit in the photo, hence also 80 pairs. This brings a total of 160 pairs. Take the least which is 160 times the lowest value which is $895 to find his expenditure on shoes (160X895)=143,200. That’s the total, although it can be rounded off to 100,000.
There are many other costly things unaccounted for in this feature, like a watch collection with a total worth of $6.4 million. Mayweather is rich, but he owns many classy expensive cars and other luxurious things that are costing him a lot of money, which is extravagance, given that he’s not even worth half a billion dollar yet. For example how many days does he drive or travel by his car in a year? Then consider if he has repeated using some cars in the year. It’s likely that there’s a car left unused, or used only few times like twice, which probably he spent a lot on it. Having good financial advisers might help him since they will let him know how he’s spending a lot of money on some things he doesn’t even use always.

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