Adacia Chambers Faces Murder Charges Following Oklahoma Crash


Adacia Avery Chambers. Photo: Stillwater Police

At Oklahoma State University, Saturday was a home coming day, and joy was expected in the college. Unfortunately Adacia Avery Chambers, the woman who was driving under influence, drove the car furiously and in the event, she crashed a group of those who were watching. She is now facing murder charges, according to the police.

Adacia is being held in jail after running over some spectators while she was under influence last Saturday. Four of the victims passed on and several others are said to have been injured. She’s now facing murder charges. According to the police, she’s likely to face life in prison if found guilty. The police have also reported that Adacia will be appearing before the court today.

One witness who was so close to the victims gave an account of what happened. “It’s been a crazy 24 hours,” Mark McNitt said with tears rolling down his face. “All I remember is a gush of wind, and then the sound. Leo, who was standing next to me, wasn’t standing next to me. He was off to the side,” he told the reporters. “We missed the game,” McNitt, whose stepfather is one of the injured victims, said. “but we feel the love, and we’ll get through this.” He added.

Adacia, the 25-year-old Stillwater resident, is likely to go to prison. The families of the victims have been waiting for the verdict, and the day has come. Her lawyer must work to protect her from falling victims as prosecutors will work hard unveil the evidence so that the victims’ families aren’t disappointed.

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