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The Disappeared Algerian Plane’s Remains Found in Mali


The jetliner which disappeared just less than an hour after departure crushed, and the remains have been found in Mali, 31 miles from the border of Burkina Faso. The last stopover before the crash was Ouagadougou, and the jet was heading to Algiers. The disappearance of the jet which was carrying 116 passengers became Continue reading

MH17 Flight Dead Bodies Are Being Transported to Netherlands


Malaysian Plane Crash Site

Following the Malaysian airline plane crash on 17 July, 298 passengers lost their lives, and 193 of them were Dutch. The bodies that have been collected so far are being taken to Netherlands for sampling to detect bodies of other nationalities. The process began on Tuesday 22 July, when the bodies were Continue reading

John Kerry Condemns Russia Over Malaysian Airline Plane Crash

John Kerry's photo

John Kerry, the United States Secretary of State.

United States Secretary of State John Kerry has condemned Russia over the destruction of the Malaysian Airline Plane that was brought down in Eastern Ukraine on 17th of July. Kerry claims the plane was hit by a missile that was released by rebels who were being used by Continue reading