Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Defends the Company


Jeff Bezos, the CEO of

Last weekend a report was published about, alleging that the environment at the company is so demanding and humiliating. The report which was posted on New York Times said the culture at Amazon wasn’t good at all, as it sited a former employee who supported the allegations. Jeff Bezos, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, aired the defense, saying they were false claims., the largest online retailer, was talked about in a New York Times’ report on weekend which portrayed it negatively. The post claimed that the working conditions at Amazon are so poor. The post went to the extend of quoting one of the former employees who testified, saying “Nearly every person I worked with, I saw cry at their desk.” Amazon’s CEO defended the company earlier this week saying that the post wasn’t right. According to his words, the article’s descriptions about Amazon were false as he said the “article doesn’t describe the Amazon I know”.

Amazon’s press representative said “While we generally do not comment on individual news stories, we quickly saw current Amazon employees react.” The representative sited an article from the current employee, Nick Ciubotariu, which indicated that the employee had never seen any colleague cry at work.

Being the biggest online shop, the company had to defend its reputation to the extend of hitting back with an example of the current employee claiming he didn’t see any employee shading tears at work. There’s no clear evidence which party (New York Times or Amazon) is telling the truth since both parties site solid evidence.

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