Apple TV Likely To Pose Stiff Competition against Microsoft and Sony


Apple Inc, Microsoft, and Sony, are all big businesses and sell their products globally. Microsoft and Sony are known to be good when it comes to gaming device products. They are likely, however, to experience stiff competition in the near future as Apple Inc. is planning to start releasing TV sets that have gaming components within.

The news came from Apple’s close sources, claiming that the company is planning to start new version of its internet television box. The official announcement is expected to be aired on 9th September by the company itself. The TV has a designed controller gadget in it for playing the games. It’s said the device is of high quality which is more likely to pull so many consumers from Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. The controller will be driven by the player’s fingers as they applied force on the device’s sensor. The device is said to have high processing power to handle the complex graphics.

The Silicon Valley giant is pushing the TV games to compete with Sony and Microsoft in the business. If it happens to succeed, possibly its economy will thrive higher as it’s already doing well. Apple however, will have to work on the marketing strategy to send awareness to many consumers in order to sell the device to the level of Sony and Microsoft.

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