At long last, Trump Takes the Nomination


Donald Trump

It has been a long way, but Donald Trump who has been the frontrunner in the republican race all through, has kept on fighting for the nomination. With Ted Cruz who was his tough competitor in the race keeping on with the fight, Trump found it more difficult, but after sweeping many states, Cruz and John Kasich finally are out. Trump remains the only runner on the track, hence automatically winning the nomination victory.

After Trump winning New York and other five states last week, Cruz and Kasich became so desperate that they united to have each run alone in a state as another one run in another, with an aim of snatching him votes. So Kasich didn’t go for Indiana primary, leaving it for Cruz who the polls showed that had chances of getting more votes than him. Still Trump swept all the delegates. After the Indiana results were out on Tuesday, Cruz announced that he has suspended his campaign, and Trump later commended him, saying “Cruz is one hell of a competitor”.

From about two months ago it became mathematically clear that Kasich would not win the nomination unless if it ended in the brokered convention. He remained in the race hopping that the race would end in the convention, and even after Cruz dropped out, he insisted to keep on fighting, but at long last he has also dropped out. This automatically gives Trump the success to the nomination.

Trump is remaining with only one hurdle: the general election in November. Most probably he’ll be facing Hillary Clinton. However, what most republicans are waiting for now is to see is his choice of vice presidential candidate. Right now Trump and the campaign can breathe before starting a nationwide campaign for the November general election.

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