Blue Ivy Gets A Fancy Party


Blue Ivy enjoying in her party

Beyonce Knowles and her husband Jay Z threw a fancy party at their daughter Blue Ivy for her birthday back on 7th of January. Their four-year-old who has waited for sometimes to celebrate her big day of the year 2016 finally got her day in a big fancy way. The celebrities ensured that their daughter had a great day, which, according to the photos posted by Beyonce, was really a great party.

In a well decorated green garden, Ivy enjoyed her late-celebrated birthday party in a beautiful purple dress. Her mother who was so joyous for their daughter couldn’t wait to broadcast Ivy’s big event of the year. She posted the photos of the party on her own website on Tuesday, the one above being one of them, to have her fans know how their daughter Ivy was celebrating the colorful lavish party.

From January to April, is quite long time, especially for a four-year old, to wait for a celebration. But then the party thrown at Ivy seems to have paid off her strong patience. In any case, both parents are multi millionaires, hence they could afford to arrange for what is a fairytale to so many children, and parents. Ivy had a big day.

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