Categories of Celebrities


We’ve always seen celebrities on different occasions, in different corners, and some are idols for many youth. They are not only admired but imitated by most young men and women. First before we look at the categories of celebrities, who is a celeb? Most people’s minds run to entertainment world whenever the word ‘Celeb’ is mentioned. Entertainment is just one of the categories, but it shouldn’t be the only thing that comes in our mind concerning celebrities.

There are six main categories of celebrities concerning their professions. The categories are listed below:


Who knew President Barack Obama before he went to politics? Friends, relatives, colleagues, former classmates, name them. Take that number and multiply by 10, it still doesn’t make one a celeb. When he was elected as senator, he became known to every American, and even to most African countries because of the background. When he joined presidential election race in 2008, he became celebrity all over the world before even winning it. This category includes celebs who are political leaders or political activists.

Business Moguls

This perhaps is the richest of all categories because they spend time and energy, not only making money but learning better ways of creating wealth. They are known for the many huge shares they own in giant companies and thriving businesses they have. Ivanka Trump wasn’t known by many before she began modeling. When she entered modeling she became known, but became more famous when she joined her father’s business and became a businesswoman. She has a step sister Tiffany who would be well known if she joined the business full time, but Tiffany’s ambitions were not in the business directly but she’s very happy with the path she has followed. One thing with this group is that they are money conscious when it comes to spending on luxury.

Entertainment Celebs

Paris Hilton wasn’t in limelight even though she belongs to the Hiltons, a family descended from Conrad Hilton, the Hilton hotels chain founder. There are hundreds of high class Hilton hotels, where celebs visit, but Paris belonging to the family she wasn’t a celeb until she joined modeling and film industry! This group includes musicians, actors, comedians, and so on. Unlike the Business category that is conscious on spending money on luxury, most of celebs in this group are extravagant.

Sportsmen and Women

These are physically talented celebs that compete in games. Most known ones are those in soccer, athletics, basketball, tennis, boxing, and golf. This category is where some celebs can earn a staggering figure in a very short time, like in boxing where some have earned millions of dollars in a night. Lionel Messi became a millionaire just the first two years he joined Barcelona. This category however has one disadvantage. Sportsmen and women do not continue competing for long. At the age of 32, one is already reducing in energy. At 35, most are always out of the field. Very few retire at 36-37, while at that age is when a business mogul is mastering more business skills and experience.

Speakers and Writers

This is where motivational speakers belong. This category is for celebrities talented in motivating, coaching, and being critics through writing. Arianna Huffington is one of the celebrities in this category. She founded blog which became a news website. Arianna became a celeb because of her good posts she published when stating her blog, and up to now she still writes, and she’s a motivational speaker too. Most speakers also do write books or articles on blogs.


This is the category with celebs that are known to have discovered or innovated certain things we use, see, or experience in our daily life. Most of them are normally scientists or technologists who did a lot of research and came up with a certain solution which has been used by many. John McAfee was one of the people who discovered anti-virus software and he’s well known for that. Although everyone on this planet uses what was discovered or innovated by these celebs, many users do not know the innovators. As a result, this is the category that has the list number of celebrities.

Remember there are people who might have become celebrities because of something that isn’t mentioned above, but that happens in very minor cases. In fact that could be less than 5% of celebs. There’s one thing that brings one into the world of celebrity: Succeeding in talent, even though few, and I mean, very few are celebs who are known because of their background.

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