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Ten Best Business Colleges in the United States

Wharton School's photo

The Wharton School of Business -University of Pennsylvania

United States is a country with so many good colleges preferred by the citizens and people from other countries. In fact some media have published research results indicating that U.S. is the leading country when it comes to having good schools. Recently, College Factual, a body Continue reading

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Competes With UK and Australia for Students in Kenya


Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Months after the South African freedom fighter Nelson Mandela died, a university that was given his name is busy working out to get students from other countries. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, a university in the Republic of South Africa, is taking Continue reading

Ten Most Expensive Universities in USA 2012-2013

Sarah Lawrence

Sarah Lawrence, is the one that tops the list

Education is a very important aspect of once life, especially when it comes to profession. It’s a vital tool, more so when one has gone up to college degree level, which most people are opting for now. As economy has become tough, school fees becomes a problem, hence forcing the prospective student to start making a choice of the favorite university basing on the school fees as one of the essential things. The question is, Continue reading

Kenya’s Primary Schools Open After Teachers’ Strike


Kenya’s Primary Schools Have Opened After The Teachers’ Strike

In Kenya primary and secondary school teachers went on strike to protest the government’s failure to fulfill the covenant that was signed years back. This was the salary increment. They went on the street, demanding for their rights. Despite a threat of being sacked Continue reading