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More Assurance That ABC’s Revenge Series Could Be Ending


Madeleine Stowe (Victoria Grayson in ‘Revenge’ series)

Some fans of the ABC tv series ‘Revenge’ have been predicting that the series will end when season four completes. Well, as the season four has continued to roll, many things have been happening that show the possibilities that the series won’t have season five. Recently, Victoria Grayson Continue reading

On Her Grammys Performance, Beyonce Says She Wanted To Show The Strength Of Black Men


Beyonce Knowles

During the Grammys, Beyonce Knowles unveiled her performance with the support of her powerful musical talent. Even though her album wasn’t named Album of the Year 2015 as it was expected by Kanye West, she gave an extra ordinary musical presentation. About her performance Beyonce said Continue reading