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Germany Wins 2014 FIFA World Cup 1-0 Against Argentina


Germany Wins 2014 FIFA World Cup

It began with 32 teams, and on 13th July (yesterday) they were remaining two. One had to emerge as a winner and another one as number two in the tournament. Germany won 1-0 in extra time, pushing Argentina which to position two. This was the fourth time Germans won World Cup. The last time they had won was Continue reading

South Americans in Danger As they Head to FIFA World Cup Semi-Finals


Brazil and Argentina in problem as they head to 2014 World Cup Semi-Finals

There are only four teams surviving so far, each remaining with only two games to win in order to be crowned the champion of 2014 FIFA World Cup. Out of the four, two teams are from Europe, that’s Germany and Netherlands, then two from South America, that’s Brazil and Argentina. Unfortunately Continue reading