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Australia Seeks Compensation for FIFA World Cup 2022

Frank Lowy

Frank Lowy is asking FIFA to compensate Australia for 2022 World Cup host bid

FIFA World Cup, the most watched sports championship on the planet. As Brazil prepares to host 2014 FIFA World Cup, Qatar prepares for 2022, having won among the five bids. Australia having failed among the five bids, and losing £25.27m on its bid, it’s asking for compensation Continue reading

Women’s Soccer Gain Popularity

French National Team

French National Team For Women

We’ve watched UEFA Champions league, English Premier League, Copa America, and others, for years now. Whenever you read soccer news, it’s about different teams, different players, different fields, different results as compared to the previous, but one thing has always made it BORING…..ONLY MEN! NOT ANY MORE. Women are Continue reading