Celebs Who Achieved College Degree


Celebrities have made it in different fields, in business, music, movies, and other areas. One thing that’s well known is that most of the celebrities don’t have a college degree while a few have gone to college and completed at least one degree course successfully. Let’s skip out the business sector and look at the common faces in Hollywood. The following is the list of the Hollywood stars that have the degrees:

Tom Hanks – California Sate University, Sacramento

Brad Pitt – University of Missouri

Natalie Portman – Harvard University, Also studied at Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Kourtney Kardashian – Studied at Southern Methodist University and graduated from University of Arizona

James Franco – Studied at NYU, Brooklyn College, Warren Wilson College and graduated from UCLA (BA) in English, Columbia (MFA), and Yale (PHD) in progress

Sandra Bullock – East Carolina University

Anne Hathaway – Vassar College and graduated from NYU

Brooke Shields – Princeton University

Oprah Winfrey- Tennessee State University

Rashida Jones – Harvard University

John Legend – University of Pennsylvania

The above celebs are just those whose education background is well known to velasign.com, otherwise there could be more others. In life one is more likely to succeed depending on his or her talent. As Oprah Winfrey (appearing on the list above), has always advised people to follow their strength if they want to succeed in terms of career, the above celebs followed their strengths and worked hard to be where they are today.

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