Clinton Wins Puerto Rico as Sanders Prepares to Fight to Convention


Hillary Clinton

It’s another glory for Hillary Clinton. She won the Puerto Rican presidential primary, which has pushed her near the crossing line to nomination, defeating Bernie Sanders, the senator of Vermont. Sanders who cant win this nomination unless miracles happen that the race continues up to the convention contest vowed to keep moving with the fight.

Clinton now has a total of 2,355 while Sanders has a total of 1,517 votes. The required votes to qualify for nomination are 2,383 meaning Clinton needs only 28 from the 847 voters remaining to celebrate the win. On the other hand Sanders cannot win the nomination before convention even if he gets all the remaining votes. The only avenue he can get a chance to win is through convention ballot.

Convention contest being the only chance remaining for Sanders, he vowed to fight to the National Democratic Convention. Sanders said that even if Clinton acquires the remaining 28 delegates, there will still be a convention contest since he’s still getting super delegates. According to him, California and other remaining states may play a big role in his ‘superdelegate game’.

Clinton is likely to win the magic number of delegate votes after California primary this Tuesday. But that may not be the end of her race if at all there will be a convention contest as Sanders claimed. She’ll still have to continue campaigning against Sanders to win the contest. Looking at the margin she’s given Sanders, she’s likely to win the nomination, even if the race ends up to the convention contest.

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