Delta passenger Dumps Luggage Because of $1,400 Baggage Fees


One Delta Passenger Dumped Luggage at the Airport Because of $1,400 Baggage Fees

Early on Tuesday at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, one passenger surprised others when he felt that baggage fees would be too expensive for him. He decided to leave four bags at the airport to avoid fee problem. The Delta Airline passenger had carried seven bags, and after weighing out the expenses he was going to pay, he felt it was too much for his pocket since the baggage fees would cost him $1,400 yet he wasn’t ready to pay over $1,000.

Although he had a reason to leave the four bags, one of the bags was suspected to have a bomb. “The Bomb Disposal Unit responded and deployed a robot to investigate the luggage,” Christina Faine, spokeswoman for the airport, stated in via email. The suspected bag was x-rayed but the results from the bomb techs cleared showed that there wasn’t a bomb or any explosive threat. The TSA’s Feinstein stated that the passenger was interviewed immediately he arrived at New York’s JFK Airport. He had been identified and the law enforcement officials with the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey interviewed the passenger.

Looking at the Delta Airline’s baggage fees history, it has always been among the airlines that collect a lot of the fees. The study was done and it was found out that in 2012 alone, airlines in the U.S. collected baggage fees amounting to $3.5billion which had risen from $3.48 billion in 2011. Delta airline has been among the airlines that collect a lot of money in the baggage fee since the year 2009. On other hand Randy Petersen, founder of Flyertalk, said “….looking at Delta’s normal overweight luggage fees, we can assume that one or more of these bags weighed more than 100 pounds and at some point reached the weight of a normal passenger.” According to Randy, Delta airline baggage fees are fair. He even added that the passenger would even pay more than $2,000 to travel with the same bags.

Looking at how economy is becoming more and more tough, people might still engage in leisure or even business activities using their money. However, they are becoming more and more conscious on their expenditure. That’s why A Delta spokesman said dumping of luggage at the airport is common, and it seam to be increasing. In any case, airlines must assess their baggage fees, and even other fees to avoid disappointments at any airport.

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