Domain Name Is Overpriced Yet Has No Sense


Domain extension for websites focusing on Mortgages

The Internet world is receiving more and more new top level domains (popularly known as Domain Name Extensions). Many people are happy rushing to register a one word domain name to use in their business, or for speculation (hoping to resell at a higher price in future). What is being discovered is that some domain names, like, are being put on market at a very high price that is not reasonable, yet the names together with the extensions don’t make sense.

On United Domains’ website, with TLD mortgage which went live on 5th November, 2014 has been overpriced. The domain name is being priced at $ 1,249.00 yet the second-level domain which is ‘movie’ doesn’t match with the TLD ‘mortgage’! Enom domain registrar is pricing it at $ 1,000 according its website while GoDaddy has priced it at $ 1,099. Is it because in the year 2006 a movie with the title ‘Mortgage’ was produced? That still doesn’t qualify the price since the movie extension isn’t made for movies.

Let’s look at the meanings of the two in before we link them together. Movie means a recording of moving images that tells a story and that people watch on a screen or television. Mortgage means a legal agreement in which a person borrows money to buy property (such as a house) and pays back the money over a period of years. So, when people visit a website with the extension .mortgage, they expect to view real estate business that is concerned with loans.

If its that will mean the website displays mortgages whose payments are affordable. How about which is simple? People come to this website to get mortgages specifically meant for houses, and not other property like land.

Back to that is being looked at as gold by United Domains and other domain name registrars. When people come to this website, what do they expect to find? Mortgages that are meant for movies? Ok, lets create statements using two examples above, then also use movie as the extension .mortgage is concerned.

  • I am looking for a cheap mortgage
  • I am looking for a mortgage, not for land but specifically a house
  • I am looking for a movie mortgage. Really? That doesn’t make sense.

So why would be at $ 1,249.00 while on the same was priced at $ 49.00 before it was taken? First has been overpriced, and secondly the same domain name doesn’t make sense. When the first new global TLDs were being released, one experienced guy in ‘domaining’ industry said some domain names will be overpriced, others will be correctly priced, and some will be under-priced. That is true, and to all those registering this domain names, be careful not to through a huge amount of money for a name that should go for less.

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