Egypt Apologizes To Mexico for Accidentally Killing Its Citizens


Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab

Mexican tourists were travelling in Egypt, accompanied by some Egyptian tour guards. They entered into Wahat area of the Western Desert, a zone that has been restricted, but they had asked for pamission, according to tourism officials. The Egyptian security not knowing that they were just innocent tourists, who had been given permission to travel to the area, fired at them and killed several Mexicans and Egyptians. Doing that accidentally, Egypt has apologized to Mexico for the killing of its citizens.

According to Al-Yawm al-Sabi website, Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab has asked for apology to Mexican ambassador through phone call. “I have phoned Mexican Ambassador Alvarez Fuentes to reassure him that the injured are receiving proper medical care and that the government apologises for the foreign casualties,” the website broadcasted his quotes.

The military and police have encountered some attacks from Islamic militants in the desert that led to the zone being restricted. Seeing the tourists, the security forces thought of them being the militants. Mr Mahlab said that they killed the tourists “by mistake as the state continues to fight terrorism”.

The survivors accounted for the attack, saying when they had stopped for meal, they encountered an aerial attack. Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu could only confirm only two dead victims. There’s no final number so far on those who died as a result of the killing.

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