FBI Warns Businesses In USA About Hackers


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has warned businesses in the United States of cyber attack that is likely to affect any of them. The governmental security agency issued a report saying that a cyber attack has been built by hackers using malicious software to break into computer systems in the country.

The five-page warning report which was issued late Monday to the businesses in the U.S. included details of the malicious software. It also included tips on how to react back to the malware and advised the businesses to contact FBI in case of coming across a similar malware. The report explained destruction performed by the malware, stating that it overrides all data on hard drives of computers, plus the master boot record, which prevents them from booting up. “The overwriting of the data files will make it extremely difficult and costly, if not impossible, to recover the data using standard forensic methods,” the report said.

The document was sent to security staff in some companies through email, asking the recipients not to share it in public. FBI’s intention of releasing the document was to awaken companies following the resent attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment which paralyzed the corporate email for a week.

The FBI said it’s investigating the attack with the assistance from Department of Homeland Security. It however declined comment through its spokesman Joshua Campbell when questioned on whether the malicious software being same used to attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment.

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