German Vice Chancellor Tells Saudi Arabia to Stop Funding Religious Radicals


Sigmar Gabriel, The Germany’s Vice Chancellor

Sigmar Gabriel, the German Vice Chancellor, released a warning to Saudi Arabia, telling them to stop offering their support to Islamic militants. This came up after the concern over the funding that the militants receive has increased in many countries, and mostly in Europe. The funding of groups like Salafism, an Islamic group that believes in religious-political ideology based on a belief in violent jihadism, is said to have increased.

Mr Gabriel, the head of the Social Democrats (SPD), released his warning speech on Sunday, which first indicated that Saudi Arabia is vital in the war to stop regional clashes. “We need Saudi Arabia to solve the regional conflicts,” Gabriel said. He then added that Saudi Arabia should stop funding the militant mosques and groups like Salafism that cause danger in other countries, and especially in Gerrmany. “But we must at the same time make clear that the time to look away is past. Wahhabi mosques are financed all over the world by Saudi Arabia. In Germany, many dangerous Islamists come from these communities,” he said. This came following the growing of concern over the issue amongst lawmakers in Berlin.

Through its embassy in Germany, Saudi Arabia responded saying that it is also fighting the terrorism just like Germany and other anti-terrorism nations. “Like Germany, we are part of the anti-Islamic State coalition and fighting side by side against terror,” it said.

After the Paris attack, Germany is worried of the increase of the support on Salafism, the group that is growing fast in the country, receive from Saudi Arabia. According to the German domestic intelligence agency, the Salafists have increased from 7,900, up from 5,500 in just two year’s time. The country has therefore warned Saudis to turn away from backing up the Islamic groups that are under militants. This is to try and see that the Germany is secure from any possible attack by the terrorists.

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