Greek Banks Prepared To Open On Monday


Greece is currently the nation making the boldest headline on the planet when it comes to bankruptcy. It has been through tough times lately, trying to make decisions in solving its debt problems. Its banks ended up closing recently due to the economic crisis that it’s going through. Good news for the bankers in Greece is that the banks are now ready to open on this Monday (Today) across the country.

The closure of the banks that was caused by huge debt crisis has so far lasted for three weeks, and now the banks say they are well prepared to open for their usual businesses. This is a hope to the Greeks and even visitors who are already in the country. This comes as German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for proper talks on helping Greece so that Athens could stop limiting withdrawals. She commented on the withdrawal limitation as not being normal to people. “That’s not a normal life so we have to negotiate quickly,” Merkel said in an interview with German public broadcaster ARD.

Withdrawals however will still be limited even as the banking sector takes a different move. “Capital controls and restrictions on withdrawals will remain in place but we are entering a new stage which we all hope will be one of normality,” Louka Katseli, the head of Greece’s banking association, told Skai television.

Even though withdrawals are still limited, at least the residents in Greece who are restricted to withdraw a maximum of €60 (£42) a day from cash machines after the banks closed can see hope of the limit being eliminated. The tourists who were won to be ready for any problem with using their credit cards or withdrawing funds from cash machines can also hope for forgetting about such problems. The problem however, still remains concerning how the Greek government will solve the debt problem.

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