Here Comes the Second Democratic Debate


Winthrop Coliseum

Democratic Party’s presidential candidates are going to face each other today on their second debate, after republican candidates having done their third debate. The forum shall begin at 8pm ET, and will be hosted by MSNBC at the Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. The debate will be a chance for the candidates to bring up more of their plans, as they tackle the questions from MSNBC moderators.

During the party’s first debate, Hillary Clinton refused to answer questions on email issues, alleging that she would answer them in the Benghazi Committee, which she tried to. However, the moderators are likely to pop up a question on that again, probably in a different format.

After CNBC hosted the republicans’ last debate, there was a lot of criticism on the CNBC’s moderators. Critics claimed that the moderators didn’t do their job well. That, of course, didn’t go well with NBCUniversal News Group which owns the channel. MSNBC also being owned by the group, moderators have a heavy task beside their primary duty of asking questions. They have to do their best so as to bring back the NBCUniversal brand on top as the debates are concerned.

Many citizens are eagerly waiting to see more of the democrats’ battle behavior since the party has only had one forum, which isn’t enough to expose a candidate’s strength and weaknesses. The candidates also prepare to present their best, in the best manner they can, to convince the donors and the citizens that they deserve their support.

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