Hillary Clinton Hits Donald Trump As She Turns Her Focus on Him


Hillary Clinton during 2016 presidential campaign

Donald Trump won the republican nomination earlier than Hillary Clinton who won just this week.  After defeating Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Party nomination race, Clinton has now gotten in to the field where the national battle is going to take place. She couldn’t wait throwing a kick at Trump who has criticized her several times. She has criticized him on the economics.

Getting into a new chapter of 2016 presidential campaign where the two winning candidates: Clinton and Trump, take on each other, Clinton has began throwing her blows. She has begun with the issue of economy. In an interview that took place on Wednesday she said Trump’s ideas are “deeply misguided” and “dangerously incoherent.” She went on saying that she’s planning to speak on the contrast of Mr. Trump’s record and policies with hers.

Clinton talked of Trump’s statements on the economy being so illogical. “While he may have some catchy sound bites, his statements on the economy are dangerously incoherent,” she said in the interview. “They are deeply misguided, and they reflect an individual who is temperamentally unfit to manage the American economy.” She added.

Sanders who remained in the democratic race despite knowing that he couldn’t get the expected number of delegate votes to be nominated delayed Clinton from facing Trump. She couldn’t get time to hit back whenever Trump criticized her, but after winning the nomination, she is now focusing on Trump who’s her current competitor. It’s a new phase of United State’s 2016 politics where the two giants are going to recon, each trying to pull numbers on the side.

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