Holland America Line to purchase McKinley Chalets Hotel

Holland America

Holland America cruise line

Holland America Line has reached its final decision on buying McKinley Chalets Hotel in Denali National Park.  In addition it has planned to develop the hotel by increasing the amenities. The line has an idea of creating Land-Sea Journeys that will connect to an Alaska cruise with an overland tour to Denali National Park.

McKinley Chalets is a hotel situated on a more than 42 acres land, comprising of a high class dining, an on-site dinner theater, 345 rooms, on-site raft departures and walking trails on the Nenana River. It’s a hotel that can accommodate many tourists, and host some activities.

The Holland America Line buying this hotel will also result into improvement of its hotels in Alaska. Stein Kruse, the President and CEO of the cruise line, believes that after acquiring the McKinley Chalets Hotel, the company’s hotels at Fairbanks, Skagway and Whitehorse in Alaska will flourish as they’ll be upgraded. “Acquiring the McKinley Chalets Hotel provides Holland America Line with great potential for growth in Denali and enables us to expand the appeal of our brand as a leader in Alaska travel,” said Mr. Kruse. “This purchase will help us deliver the finest destination resort and experience in Alaska at the highlight on Land+Sea Journeys — Denali National Park.” He added.

Holland America Line seems to be expanding in its business. Buying another hotel with enough facility that will generate in more income must be a result of moving up the business ladder, even though the purchase isn’t complete. The cruise line buying one more hotel will automatically boost the business since both cruise line and hotel business do have same type of clients; Tourists.

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