Jennifer Lawrence Doesn’t Want David Letterman To Leave The Show


Jennifer Lawrence trying to beg David Letterman to stay

David Letterman has been in the business of show hosting for 33 years continuous, and now he is leaving, heading for retirement. One of the actresses however, feels Letterman, the host of the show Late Show With David Letterman on CBS, should not leave. Jennifer Lawrence has communicated through her Facebook page telling Letterman to continue with the show, indicating in her message that no one is tired of him.

Lawrence, the Hunger Games star passed her message in form of text and photo combined. She took a photo in which she was holding a poster with the words “Don’t do this! No one is sick of you it’s all in your head.” She seems to want to see someone who helped her get rid of the fear of singing before a crowd continues appearing on TV. Letterman also planned a fishing trip for her with the American Hustle actress during one of her final appearances. Letterman therefore must be one of her favorite TV personalities.

Letterman began show hosting in 1980 with the show titled The David Letterman Show. He then didn’t do any hosting in 1981. In 1982 he began hosting Late Night With David Letterman up to 1993 then he changed it to Late Show With David Letterman. Having done the hosting for 33 years continuously, Letterman is well known to many, the old and the young like Lawrence.

Other notable celebrities have appreciated Letterman’s effort for 33 years. Amongst them was the 69-year-old singer Bette Midler who honored him through twitter saying “WOW! David Letterman is saying goodbye…33 years of superb invention on his part and laughter on ours. That went so fast! I loved it!!” So far, Letterman hasn’t responded to Lawrence, but it seems to be the time he wants to retire. CBS may now be looking for another dedicated host like Letterman.

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