John Major: Poor Children Disadvantaged By State Schools

John Major

John Major

John Major, former British Prime Minister has aired his views on the current education system. In his speech at the Norfolk while addressing the conservatives, he said that the bad state schools are causing stagnation in poor children, making them not to go far.

Major put the blame on the Labor party that was in charge from 1997 to 2010 brought about a divide between school children who didn’t move a head and those who did. In one of his phrases he said Labor party “left a Victorian divide between stagnation and aspiration..” clearly indicated that according to him, Labor party’s leadership brought about the problem of poor children stagnating.

He pointed out that currently, children born in well off families are doing better “In every single sphere of British influence, the upper echelons of power in 2013 are held overwhelmingly by the privately educated or the affluent middle class,” Major said. “To me from my background, I find that truly shocking.” He added.

“Our education system should help children out of the circumstances in which they were born, not lock them into the circumstances in which they were born,” Major said. According to Major, private schools are doing better than state schools because Labor party did not concentrate on the state schools.

Knowledge being a tool for success in life, Major must be concerned seeing that some children at their tender age are not performing well. This has turned to be a party related issue since the drift is large and it between children from poor families (Who aren’t getting a head) and those from well off family (Who aren’t getting a head).

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