Juventus Heads to UEFA League Finals After Beating Real Madrid 3-2 Goal Aggregate


Ever since 2003, they’ve never stepped in the UEFA Champions League finals, now Juventus FC are going to, after beating Real Madrid in the competition’s semi finals. As the two teams qualified for semis, they happened to meet against each other in the semi finals. In the first leg of semi-finals, the two teams played on 5th of this May in Turin and Juventus managed to score 2-1 against Madrid.

As the teams met in Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid had high hopes for the home ground advantage, with its supporters cheering all over. The game began, and 22 minutes past without any score on either side. A foul was noted by the referee when Giorgio Chiellini brought down James Rodríguez in the penalty area and Madrid was awarded a penalty kick. Madrid did not want to lose any chance because they were behind with one goal aggregate. So, they gave to their best, Cristiano Ronaldo. He gave his best shot he could, and the ball clearly hit the net, hence Madrid counting 1-0 victory in the match but draw (2-2) when it came to goal aggregate.

The game went on without any more score on either side till the first half ended. In the second half, the game began, and tensions were on both sides since it was still draw yet it was second half of the second leg. It wasn’t so long before Sergio Ramos of Madrid made a foul against Arturo Vidal hence Juventus getting a free-kick. As the free-kick was taken, Madrid’s goal keeper Iker Casillas punched it, and unfortunately Alvaro Morata got it and eventually hit the net, scoring for his team Juventus. It became Juventus 1, Madrid 1 in the match, but 3,2 respectively when it came to goal aggregate.

Madrid did all to equalize but the match eventually ended, with Juventus having beaten Madrid 3-2 in aggregate, and gaining the victory. Juventus will be heading to Berlin, Germany to face Barcelona FC on 6th of June.

It would be the eleventh time for Madrid if they won this 2015 UEFA Champions League title, but they have already been eliminated by the Serie A club Juventus. Reaching finals in this League isn’t easy. Juventus have struggled to come back and now they have the opportunity to play in the UEFA’s 2015 finals. They will have to use the long waited opportunity properly to win the UEFA Champions League title against Barcelona.

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