Kasich Calls for Rules that Allow More Candidates on the Convention Ballot


John Kasich and the Family

It has been a long way ever since the remaining presidential candidates announced their bid. On the republican side, three (Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich) are remaining, and Kasich who’s working to divide the delegates, and prevent each of the opponents from clinching the nomination mark before the July convention, has asked the Republican National Convention to have rules that allow more candidates on the convention ballot.

Kasich, the Ohio Governor, has only won 143 delegates so far and can’t reach 1237 delegates hence his only remaining door to nomination is the convention ballot. Since in the convention, the authority may have rules that exclude candidates for some reason, Kasich has urged the National Convention to work with rules that will allow more candidates on the ballot race at the convention.

Kasich, who was accompanied by the wife Karen and their two daughters Emma and Reese at the CNN’s town hall, expressed his feeling about the tough race he and the opponents are on. “We’re reaching out, Anderson, all over. It’s a bizarre process,” he told Anderson Cooper of CNN.

As time goes by, it’s becoming tougher for any of his opponents to clinch the nomination before convention in July. Therefore each of the three is preparing for the convention by getting his delegates to the Rules Committee so as to have people who’ll fight and prevent rules that may exclude him from the convention ballot.

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