Kenya’s Primary Schools Open After Teachers’ Strike


Kenya’s Primary Schools Have Opened After The Teachers’ Strike

In Kenya primary and secondary school teachers went on strike to protest the government’s failure to fulfill the covenant that was signed years back. This was the salary increment. They went on the street, demanding for their rights. Despite a threat of being sacked by the government, they kept their feet on the street as the pupils stayed at home with their parents. On their fourth week, the agreement was made between Wilson Sossion, the Kenya National Union of Teachers chairman, and the Deputy President of Kenya, where the government agreed to pay teachers commuter allowance. Secondary schools opened but primary schools were not. The primary schools have opened today since the strike ended.

Unfortunately, the strike ended almost the time for exams for second term. Therefore school children would have little time to prepare for exams. Now that the pupils are going back to school, at least they’ll have time to prepare for the end year exams. This is also has lifted hopes in the parents of the pupils, given that the teachers had opted to go for as long as a year if there would be no salary increase or proper agreement made between them and the government. After the end strike, the pupils have been anxious to go back to school, as parents waiting eagerly to see their children return to school. At long last, the days of the primary school opening has been announced.

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