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You’ve been in your profession for sometimes, with your bachelor’s degree and now you feel it time to advance to a master’s degree. Whether you choose to advance in your former school or a new grad school, you’ll be running on different grad school websites to analyze the any university you come across in terms of fruits they are promising you to get when in school and after the master’s degree studies. One thing you should know is that they are on business like any other company, organization, or individual. Sometimes it becomes difficult for them to get enough qualified students and so they have to throw in some untrue gospel to market their school better than their competitors. They cover their school with some lies to perfect the image of their school in the image of the grad student prospect. So, before you join any post graduate program, the following are the lies grad schools tell:

#1. They say “We Have a Wide Range of Amenities”

This has always been the most common lie to most grad schools. This lie also is normally said to those looking to join undergraduate program. All schools will tell you that they have a wide range of amenities. Mostly, they’ll base on building based amenities like labs, entertainment halls, and so on. What they do is to take photos of each amenity and post on their website in an artistic manner. For example a university may take three photos of its entertainment hall from different angles, and then use any software to manipulate the photos to look much better than they are. Also thy may manipulate each photo to be at a different location, one near trees, another one elsewhere, but write bellow each “Entertainment Hall” so that you believe there are three different entertainment halls. Upon your arrival in the university you get a shock when you discover they have only one entertainment hall.  Amenities are some of the things grad prospects value most. So some schools will always make sure they cover up the real picture of their amenities.

#2. We Are Always Among The Bests


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We go to school to learn, and normally everyone who wants to go to school, wants to get to a recognized university. So some grad school will appraise themselves saying they are among the best in offering a certain course but, you’ll find a list of schools chosen as the best in offering that very course on a research done by many professionals look for that university and you’ll not find it. Some schools are out to cheat you so the can get you.

#3. We’ll Assist You to Get A Job

Some grad schools promise to help you to get a job once you complete the post graduate program. Once they get your school fees and they give knowledge, the business ends there! The only thing they do is to post your name on the list of the alumnus. You’ll leave the school and struggle alone out there. After succeeding and they happen to discover that you a director of a 500 or 100 fortune companies, or you’ve become a mogul and doing well in business, or producing the best movies/music and you are on the fame list, they now come up to call you “Our former student/alumni” or best “Our Product” in media.

#4. That Is The Course Needed In Many Companies

They’ll tell you that many companies are looking for a certain qualifications when actually, the research in companies tell different thing. In fact, they can’t tell you when they did research, that means they didn’t do any. They can’t refer that to any record of a research to assure you, meaning they do not know about it. When they tell you a certain course is really needed by employers, then a research tell a different thing, they are telling you lies.

#5. Scholarship Is Available for Anyone

College Students

College Students

Lastly, they know economy is tough and almost everyone who plans to go to school, apart from those from tycoon families, prays for a scholarship. They are pretty sure that at least 50% of those who come to apply for scholarship can struggle without the scholarship and finish. So they’ll say “We offer scholarship to anyone” while actually they offer it to someone…..someone with certain qualities, more so depending on the undergraduate degree. Once many join and start schooling to attain their master’s degree, they wait for the scholarship after applying and they don’t see it. The only find out that very few, could be less than ten 20% of grad students in that year for that course who get the scholarship. When students ask why less than 20% was given the scholarship while it was available to everyone they are told “We were looking for those who past so highly in there undergraduate studies” and the story ends there. When some fail to continue because they’ve not landed the scholarship, the school will have gotten there money during their first year in terms of school fees to push the school going.

Like any other business, grad schools look for the way to get many qualified students to get in to keep the school running. However, some universities have gone to the extend of telling lies just to get students. So if you are planning to join any post graduate program, just make sure you keep the above points in mind so that you are not shocked.

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