Louis Van Gaal Leaves Manchester United


Louis Van Gaal

After David Moyes was fired, Louis Van Gaal took over as the Manchester United Football Club manager. After going through his contract with many unsuccessfully games, the team has at least won a few matches, even though the profile of the club is still down as compared to the times of Sir Alex Ferguson. After Man United winning FA Cup, Louis has terminated his contract and said goodbye to the club.

Ever since Sir Ferguson retired, Man United has been beaten many times. During the time of David Moyes, the team failed to qualify any European competition being the first time the club hadn’t qualified for a European competition since 1990. Since Van Gaal became the Man United manager, the team has been struggling, going through hell of defeats and harsh criticisms from the sponsors and the fans.

Van Gaal, at some point, seemed to revive the team with a few wins, but couldn’t bring it back to the level it was before Sir Ferguson left. Still remaining one year a head to complete his contract, Van Gaal has decided to quit. The reasons for terminating the contract aren’t known yet, but he said “it’s over” to a reporter while leaving the hotel.

There are rumors that Jose Mourinho is the one likely to succeed Van Gaal, but the Man United officials are still quiet about it. Many soccer fans are eager to see who’ll be given the job. Most of Man United fans say they’ll be comfortable with Mourinho becoming the club manager.

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