MacArthur Foundation Leaves Russia Due To Kremlin law Pressure


A non-governmental organization from United States of America has been one of the victims of the restrictions being put on charity organizations by the new laws in Russia. Despite MacArthur Foundation not receiving any funding from the U.S. government, nor getting involved in political activities, it was still being suspected as an agent hence making it to give up and leave the country.

MacArthur Foundation has given up on the maintenance of its charity work in Moscow, after being there for more than 20 years. The foundation which has been financing human rights, education, and anti-nuclear proliferation campaigns was counted as one of the “undesirable” charity organizations that are suspected to be agents. Due to pressure it couldn’t stand, it decided to leave.

According to the foundation’s President Julia Stasch, the foundation didn’t disserve being listed as one of the “undesirable” charity bodies since it didn’t get any support from its home government nor involved in political events. “We are entirely independent of the United States government and receive no funding from it. We have never supported political activities or other actions that could reasonably be construed as meeting the definition of ‘undesirable’,” Stasch said.

Being on the list of the organizations which the Russian government claimed that they were being funded by it apart from the foreign sponsors, The MacArthur Foundation felt it was time to leave. “The MacArthur Foundation is committed to helping to make truly substantial progress on some of the world’s most profound problems. We are saddened that it is not possible to do so in Russia at this time,” a statement from the foundation read.

Having quit supporting education and other works the foundation has sponsoring in Russia, there will be a void in those activities unless Russian government realizes and carry out the responsibility to continue with the work MacArthur Foundation has been doing. It will have to prepare financially to carry out activities by itself if another charity organization doe not take over.

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