Michigan Plans To Increase Spending On University Operations


Rick Snyder

Universities in Michigan will see a stronger financial stability next year. The 2016 executive budget of Michigan State is going to be released this week, and one thing the state might bring in is the increase of the amount it spends on the universities. This will make the fourth consecutive year the state is increasing the spending on the higher education.

Rick Snyder, the Michigan Governor, will be releasing the budget which will have a proposal of $28 million increase in the spending on the university operations. If the proposal goes through, the 2016 higher education budget in the state will amount to $1.544 billion. According to the governor, education has to get a boost since it’s one of the things that determine future. “It’s one of the keys to the future,” said Sara Wurfel , Snyder’s spokeswoman. “So, the governor has made investing in this area a strong priority again.” She added.

Universities in the state have received the news with joy, and hope of seeing greater success in the operating of their activities. For Western Michigan University, the retirement cost was becoming a problem but if the proposal is approved, the problem will be solved. “It was a continually increasing cost over which we had no control,” Greg Rosine, vice president for legislative affairs at Western Michigan University said. “When you’ve got control over a lot of your costs, there are things you can do. We would basically get an appropriation form the state, turn around and pay it right back. Their willingness to work with us over the past year was very welcome.” He added.

The state’s governor has made a decision to add investment in the universities, and see that their financial burden is eliminated. If this happens, the students in the universities in Michigan will not have much worry concerning the increase of tuition fee since the schools will not have an excuse of increasing the tuition fees, unless otherwise.

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