‘Mnions’ Comes Second Animated Opener at Box Office


Minions Movie

On Sunday the animated movie ‘Minions’ became second biggest opening weekend of all time under the category of animated movies. The Movie sold well, making $115.2 million which was the second highest sale ever in the debut of animated films’ history. This was after it also made some success outside United States.

‘Minions’ which has created the latest Hollywood headlines can celebrate for its victory a week after U.S. celebrated its independence. About two weeks before ranking number two on local Box Office, the movie took position one overseas box office after selling on 56 markets, which brought in $124.3 million. From the foreign market, ‘Minions’ mined a total of $280.5 million. Adding to the home Box Office income, the movie has harvested $395.7 million in total.

Produced by Illumination Entertainment which belongs to NBCUniversal, Nick Carpou, Universal domestic distribution chief, expressed his joy talking of how the movie characters are loved and the effort used in marketing. “Audiences of all ages, and especially kids and families, just love these characters, and we had a tremendous marketing and merchandising effort,” Carpou said. “We have now opened three movies this year to over $100 million — Minions, Furious 7 and Jurassic World — something no other studio has done in history.” He added.

As Illumination Entertainment that produced ‘Minions’ celebrates for having proved that it fits being under the NBCUniversal umbrella, Universal Studios which is the parent company also celebrates this as one of the big successes in this year, and even in its business history.

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