Mo Williams Accepts $4.3 Million for A Two-year Contract


Mo (Maurice) Williams, a Charlotte Hornets player who has now moved to Cleveland Cavaliers

Mo (Maurice) Williams is no longer going to play for Charlotte Hornets since the transfer has gone through. Cleveland Cavaliers which he once played for succeeded to get him back after he accepted a $4.3 Million deal that was presented by the Cavaliers. The NBA player having been an All-Star with the Cavaliers in 2009 with a resent good performance is now one of the Cavaliers again.

After playing for Hornets for only five months, Williams is leaving the team on a trading ground. When the opportunity of earning a total of $4.3 Million in two years time presented itself, Hornets had to lose Williams who has signed a contract with Cavaliers. The 32-year-old player who had an average of 17.2 points per game last season was thrilled to join his former team Cavaliers. He expressed his excitement on twitter saying “I’m coming home!!!!!” which indicates that he wasn’t just happy with the deal, but also with the team he seem to be emotionally connected to.


Mo (Maurice) Williams

His performance in the last season where he scored 39 percent at shooting from the floor and 34 percent at shooting from beyond the arc proved that he can boost a team. From his own expressions, Williams loves Cavaliers, while the team believes in him. Cavaliers have hopes he’s going to boost their performance as he comes back home.

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