More Airlines Plan to Launch Wi-Fi


AirTran, one of the airlines offering Wi-Fi services

Airline sector has been one of the industries that have been slow in impressing the offering of Wi-Fi to the clients. While it’s one of the industries that came up with giving offers to the clients, it has been slow in the growth of allowing the Wi-Fi to its client. In the United States of America alone, 38% and around only 1% of the airlines outside USA offer this service. Now, there’s going to be change. More airlines are planning to give out Wi-Fi connectivity.

There are over 2,400 airlines worldwide planning to give out Wi-Fi service on every flight. It’ll be great for any traveler who’ll be using any of these airlines. Even though that’s a good number of airlines with a great project to unveil, there are still many airlines reluctant to let the travelers enjoy the Wi-Fi connectivity. Before the 2,400 establish this offer, Velasign media has prepared a list for you to know which airlines are already giving the Wi-Fi connectivity on their flights.

Airline                                Percentage of Flights with Wi-Fi

Delta Airways _______  60%

South West _________ 75%

AirTran ____________ 100%

Virgin America _______ 100%

These are the few airlines in the US known to have this service. So next time you want to travel via air while you surf the Internet, book any of the airlines above. For Delta and South West, inquire which flight has the connectivity. In the mean time, the other airlines are planning to unveil their Wi-Fi services. Once they are through, the travellers will enjoy this service.

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