Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Competes With UK and Australia for Students in Kenya


Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Months after the South African freedom fighter Nelson Mandela died, a university that was given his name is busy working out to get students from other countries. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, a university in the Republic of South Africa, is taking on Africa continent in its search for students who might be interested to take courses in it.

The university which created out of three institutions in January 2005 sent its representatives to Nairobi City, in Kenya, and they began marketing the university on 21st March on Friday. The main center was stages at Sarova Stanley Hotel in the city center, where it was easier for any Nairobi resident to attend the meeting. It took three days and completed yesterday (23rd March). During these three days, some UK universities were being marketed in Nairobi, but slightly out of the city centre-at Sarit Centre in Westland- where Uniserve staged the meeting.

Uniserve, an institution specialized in marketing universities in UK must be getting stiff competition now that South African universities are beginning to spread awareness of their existence in Kenya and all over Africa. Australian Education Consultants (AEC) is another body that must be getting competition as South African university has come and tested the possibilities of pursuing Kenyan students.

South Africa being a well of country with most cities well developed as compared to other countries in Africa, many students from Africa are likely to get interested and join universities in this country. This could be the reason Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University is moving in Africa to look for students. Other South Africa universities could be on the way.

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