New York Governor Warns of Tax Scams

Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo

A warning has been given by the New York governor Andrew Cuomo on the elaborate telephone and email tax scams that have been designed by some con artists. The governor alleges that some people who pose as Internal Revenue Service or state tax officials are taking advantage of some people who can easily believe them over the phone and then con them.

Cuomo said the scammers issue threats to New York residents over the phone, telling them to pay the tax debt pending or else they would be dealt with by being penalized. The penalties included payment of fines, being arrested, being deported among others.

This has become a scam threat in New York. However, Cuomo has assured the New York residents that his administration is determined to deal with the scammers by ensuring that the residents don’t fall victims of the scams. “My administration is committed to protecting New Yorkers from illegal and dishonest scams that rip off taxpayers,” Cuomo said. “These criminals are posing as public officials and using fear to dupe taxpayers into forfeiting their money. I urge all New Yorkers to be mindful of these scam artists and encourage anyone who thinks they may have been targeted to immediately contact the proper authorities. He added.

Recently the scammers have been targeting the immigrants in New York, threatening them that they will be deported if they don’t make payment to cover for their tax debt. That explains the reason as to why deportation is one of the measures they threaten the victims with. The New York residents must be having confident in the fight of the scam now that the governor has assured everyone that his administration is going to protect the residents from falling victims of such malicious acts.

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