Neymar May Move To Real Madrid


Neymar Celebrates a goal

There have been plans by Manchester United to get Cristiano Ronaldo at the end of his current contract, which haven’t gone through yet. All that is known is; his contract with Real Madrid is coming to an end. Real will have to plant in another talented striker to help maintain the power of its brand, and the club must be planning for that. Neymar Jr. might come in to keep the Real’s fire burning.

It has been reported by Onda Cero that Neymar Jr., a Brazilian star who plays for FC Barcelona, had talks with Real Madrid club. According to the report, during the 2015 Ballon d’Or ceremony that took place this month, the striker, together with his father, met Real’s representative. Obviously, the talk was about soccer business and nothing else, which suggests there’s a high probability of Neymar Jr. Crossing over to Real Madrid.

The club hasn’t however said anything concerning their talk with Neymar, likewise the striker hasn’t opened his mouth to speak about the talk. Whether the two parties are waiting to reach agreement for them to reveal the deal, it isn’t known.

In its effort to find another star who’ll help bring more successes to the team, Real Madrid, the club that has won the highest number of UEFA championships, will have to be keen in its choice. The prayer of the Real’s fans must be that if Neymar doesn’t join their favorite team, Real finds another top striker who’ll assist the club keep their flag waving high in the soccer competition.

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