Olivier Giroud Corrects Thierry Henry On The Criticism


Olivier Giroud celebrates

The criticism from Thierry Henry on Arsenal was challenged by one of the club’s striker Olivier Giroud. He claims he’s the top-quality striker Thierry thinks the team needs. Giroud, the former Montpellier player, says he believes that Arsenal team has made a good progress in this season even though the weekend results weren’t impressive.

According to Thierry, Arsenal has no good strikers, not even one. This came out when he said “They need a goalkeeper, they still need a centre-back, they still need a holding midfielder and, I’m afraid, they need a top, top-quality striker in order to win this league again,” as he pointed out the weak points of the team. Giroud on the other hand spoke out to let Thierry know that as one of the team’s striker, he’s a tough one. Accounting on his record, he said he has scored 17 goals in all games, six having been scored in Premier League games. He said finishing second in the Premier League and winning FA Cup is still great. “To get second in the league and win the FA Cup would be a great season,” he said.


Olivier Giroud playing

Giroud talked of his hopes for the team. With determination within the team, he said he believes the team has a good future “I know we can still improve ourselves and that is what we have been doing since I signed for Arsenal. I am proud of what I’ve done and I’m pleased with that. I just want to carry on like that and I know if we keep our best players and this determination with the team spirit, I am sure we are going to join this championship race next season.” He said. “It has been a few years since we finished second and, if we can do it, we can see an improvement, which is great. Next year, hopefully, we will have fewer injuries, will keep the same group and, with maybe one or two new players, we will have a great season I am sure.” He added.

The 28-year-old Giroud explained what he believes players should do if they want to win games. “As for myself, in sport you have to question yourself every week and be ready in your head and you have to be at 100% of determination if you want to keep going and win games; you cannot afford to be at 80% or 90%. You have to have faith in your own qualities, that is part of being a footballer: being strong in your head. That is more than half of the quality you need to be a football player.” He explained.

Thierry released criticism, and his fellow French citizen who plays for his former team has answered back. Giroud’s hopes are likely to lift the team higher as they prepare to fight in the next season, for he is full of motivation, despite criticism from the former striker.

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