One Mexican Luxury Resort You Should Visit


Excellence Playa Mujeres Resort

When “Holiday” is mentioned, many think of the obvious destinations like Panama, Hawaii and so on. When it comes to hotels and resorts many will think of Hyatt, Hilton, Trump Hotels, Dubai Palm Hotel, and so on. But there is one which many aren’t aware of. This is Excellence Playa Mujeres. As the first word in its three word name suggests. It is an excellent holiday destination that hasn’t gotten in many people’s mind, situated in Mexico.

Playa Mujeres belongs to Excellence Group Luxury Resort, a Dutch company whose main business is hotel management and international real estate development. It is mostly known for being adults-only resort. It is situated along along white sand beach, near a golf course, and approximately 30 minutes drive from Cancun International Airport. It has a luxurious spa, spacious rooms and suites furnished to the highest level that have well designed decors, with excellent amenities.

Excellence Playa Mujeres being a beautiful resort in Cancun, one of the regions that Mexico is proud of in terms of tourism since it has beautiful and high class hotels and resorts, might not be well known because of being new in the region considering the fact that it was built 2007. With more visitors going to Cancun and trying new resorts, Playa Mujeres will become well known on the grounds that it is a classy romantic resort.

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