Pilot Who Rescued Burning British Airways Flight Retires


It has been 42 years ever since Chris Henkey began flying. He has been a pilot for all these years but never faced a life-threatening emergency like the one that he faced in Las Vegas, where he saved a British Airways flight that was burning. After saving the flight from a big danger, he gained a great recognition, but now he says he is done with flying and therefore he’s retiring.

Like everyone in the plane, Henkey didn’t expect the plane would start burning during that journey. He was shocked but tried his best, and fortunately he managed to keep it safe from destruction. Now he says he won’t continue with flying. “It’s safe to say I’m finished flying,” he said while speaking to NBC on Wednesday by phone. It’s reported that Flight 2276 was the second last one before his retirement, but he has decided to retire now.

Henkey said he has been commended for the best job he did while under a danger that would have resulted to huge destruction if he didn’t manage. The organization described him as “star supporter,” via twitter.

Now, at 63, Henkey feels it’s time to go and rest after performing a huge rescue task he had never done in his entire career. Even though he has retired before going for the last flight as he had planned, he’s regarded as a hero who, while under pressure, returned everything in control calmly, and prevented what could have caused serious flight destruction.

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