Sepp Blatter Resigns As The FIFA President


Sepp Blatter

Four days after being re-elected, Sepp Blatter resigned from being the FIFA President on Tuesday as the allegations on the corruption in the organization are being looked into. He came up abruptly and announced that he was dropping out of the position, but added that he would continue to perform the duties assigned to the FIFA presidency until the new President is elected.

The 79-year-old Blatter made his unexpected announcement in the conference that had abruptly been called for by the FIFA in their Zürich headquarters. “FIFA needs profound restructuring,” said Blatter. “I decided to stand again to be elected because I was convinced it was the best option for football.” He talked of his decision to run for the fifth term.

According to him, his resignation is as a result of fans, and the entire soccer world not being in his support. “Although the members of FIFA gave me a new mandate, this mandate does not seem to be supported by everyone in the world.” Blatter said.

While Blatter’s step to resign seems to be humbleness to many, Greg Dyke, chairman of the English Football Association thinks otherwise. Although Dyke said it was”good news for world football” he questioned the reason behind the resignation. “Who got him? Who shot him?” he asked. “I don’t believe he went for any sort of moral basis so something has happened between then and now which means he has to resign.” Dyke said.

Blatter, the Swiss who was re-elected as the FIFA’s President this year for the fifth term has served in the position since 1998, making it 14 and a half years as the President. FIFA is facing corruption allegations. As the President, the senior most person in the organization resigns, this makes the situation in FIFA even worse. The next president isn’t known, but the fans hope to see election done to get the new president.

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