Technology to differentiate Bots Traffic From Human Traffic On Websites Is Needed


Internet bots do play an important role concerning the collection of information around the internet. An Internet bot, sometimes referred to as web robot or WWW Robot is a software application that performs mainly collects data from web servers on the Internet, analyses the data and files the information. They are said to be harming web traffic statistics as they count for 88% of ad-clicks.

Performing their tasks at a very higher speed, several times that of a human being, is a very important role in web server data collection. However, of late it has been discovered by a research that their existence is interfering with web traffic statistics as advertisement is concerned. Oxford BioChronometrics SA, a company that sells traffic released a report last month after doing a thorough research. “Our research found that at best, 88% of the ad-clicks were made by bots on the LinkedIn ad platform, while at worst, 98% were from bots on the Google ad platform” the report read in conclusion.

It’s unfortunate for the advertisers (those paying for their products/brands to be advertised) since they pay for the services according to the number of clicks, and believe that a large number of people have seen their products since there are many clicks counted on them yet just a few people clicked on those products. A technology to differentiate the bots traffic from human traffic is needed for both parties: advertisers, and publishers so as for the business between them to be fair on both sides. Although Google Analytics is able to distinguish and ignore the bots traffic, it sometimes underestimates. Others like Webalizer software cannot. It counts both human and bots and ends up giving a very large number of traffic which is false. Awstats software can ignore some bots, but other bots which pose as human cannot be detected by Awstats as bots while accessing web pages. As a result, it counts them as human traffic.

Therefore there’s need to come up with a good technology to overcome this problem by developing a software which will easily show the exact human traffic, and ad-clicks from people and not bots, and still not leave out some human traffic like Google Analytics does. That way, product owners will be able to get a fair advertisement service and website owners will be able to see their true traffic.

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