Ten Best Business Colleges in the United States

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The Wharton School of Business -University of Pennsylvania

United States is a country with so many good colleges preferred by the citizens and people from other countries. In fact some media have published research results indicating that U.S. is the leading country when it comes to having good schools. Recently, College Factual, a body which assesses schools and ranks them produced a list of ten business colleges ranked as the best in the U.S., arranged from the first to the tenth college. The list contained the following colleges:

#1. University of Pennsylvania

The Wharton School of Business of University of Pennsylvania was ranked first. This school allows the students to do their coursework outside the school. It’s reported that students take approximately 40% of their coursework outside the college.

#2. Bentley University

This college allows students to specialize within four fields. These are global management, leadership, human resources management and entrepreneurship. Graduates from this school have ended up working in big companies like Oracle.

#3. University of California-Berkeley

The beautiful college located in Berkeley took the third position. Undergraduate students studying business administration in this school are privileged to also be taught Bachelor of Science degree by The Haas School of Business.

#4. United States Military Academy

The military school popularly known as West Point, can offer any student free education as long as the student will work for the college as an exchange of services for five years after graduating. This provides an opportunity for even the students who are from poor background to pursue college education. Among the ten schools on this list, business graduates from this college are the ones with the highest mid-career salary- which is $123,000 annually.

#5. United States Air Force Academy

This is another military school which is ranked among the ten best business colleges. This college also offers free education to students just like West Point, but with more years of service. While in West Point a student will work for five years as an exchange of services, here one will work for eight years upon graduation.

#6. Georgetown University

Students in Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business have privilege of gaining experience through case competitions and the Entrepreneurship Fellows Program. The school also allows students to go and study globally in 35 countries, hence getting enough exposure even as they study.

#7. University of Southern California

USC’s Marshall School of Business allows students to study abroad through Global Leaders Program, regardless of your year of study. During Spring Break freshman is offered a trip by the school to China for up to one week. Business students can take part in The Experiential Learning Program which sends students in different countries to meet executives and government officials for a period of ten days.

#8. Bucknell University

Bucknell’s School of Management offers global management and managing for sustainability and other majors. This school gives students real life experience in managing the finances through “Student Managed Investment Fund” course done by seniors. This course covers two semesters where students are given $850,000 to manage.

#9. Washington and Lee University

This college has advantage of student-lecturer interaction. Thestudent-faculty ration of 8:1, hence each lecturer having it easier to concentrate on a small number of students. This enabled business students to design an individual program of study which helps them get to understand their course’s content better.

#10. Bryant University

At Bryant University, the undergraduate degree studies are personalized. Instead of students of a student sharing a lesson with many others in lecture halls, he/she has a personalized lesson with the lecturer hence getting a chance to ask for any help regarding the topic of the day.

Although many of these schools might be very expensive, some of them like United States Military Academy have a program where a student can learn freely and after graduation he/she work freely for five years. It’s better than carrying a loan debt for like over ten years. Being in any of these listed schools, a student has an advantage of gaining skills in a better way, and also high possibilities of getting a job upon completion of the studies.

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  1. Am currently doing my last year at secondary level at OLD KAMPALA SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL which is located in KAMPALA-UGANDA.For my case i would like to join either United states Air Force Academy or United States Military Academy.I would ge grateful if my request is put under your consideration.Thank your sir/madam.

    1. Unfortunately velasign Media doesn’t enroll students to any school. Our work is just to bring you news. You just need to apply to the school after completing secondary school level, if they accept you, they’ll send you a calling letter which you’ll go with to US embassy to be directed what next. We are just a news media.

    1. What i know is that the US embassy can only give you a a VISA to go to study in the US if you prove that you have finances or financial support from parents, guardian, or an organization. You apply to any college in the US, then if they feel you are qualified for the course in their University, they’ll send you an acceptance letter. you can go with the letter to the US embassy and ask for more advice where to begin preparing for the VISA. I can only help you up to that level of explanation.

  2. PLS,l will like to go to Unite state military school and l agree to work for them for that five years after graduation.l will like hear from you.l shall be very grateful if my application is favourably granted.

    1. Good to hear you want to get into military school. The best thing is to go to the schools website- just search the school’s name in Google and you’ll find their site- which has all the information on the requirements one should have to join it. If you think you qualify, apply for it and if they accept you, visit the US embassy in your country for advice on what next. Remember being called in a school in US is one thing and being allowed by the US embassy in your country to go to US is another thing. I hope I’ve helped.

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